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burr86's Journal

Abe Hassan
(owr), 5-minute-refresh, 80s music, absurd humor, apple, babies, being awesome, being in love, being strangely optimistic, bgp, blackberry pie, blaming monsters for everything, blogs, boredom, boston legal, cans of compressed air, chronic underachieving, civil liberties, classically forbidden regions, cleanliness, cold stone, comedy, computers, correct grammar, daria, death to spammers, delayed sleep phase syndrome, democratic national party, desiderata, dissecting my own psyche, dreaming, eddie izzard, electronica, emacs, email-posting from my phone, empathy, engrish, foo fighters, freedom of conscience, french toast, friends page, fumbling with css design, getting mail, getting unstuck, giving presents, hacking after midnight, hidden in plain view, how stuff works, ikea, impeach bush, inexplicable occurrences, interaction design, interesting fizzy drinks, interface design, internets (and rumors thereon), irc, it's more likely than you think, italian food, keeping up appearances, language, languages, laser pointers, laughing at clueless people, linguistics, little umbrellas in drinks, livejournal, living vicariously through movies, maintaining perspective, making <3_<3 eyes, making fun of goths, making pretty okay things, making to-do lists, meaningful conversations, meaningless statistics, memeing out lj interests, metallica, midnight movies, movies, music, music as background noise, musicals, mysql, nintendo, obscure trivia, ooh-eeh-ooh-ah-ah, out of cheese error, pancakes with maple syrup, pc load letter, people, perl, personal responsibility, phrases with parentheses (yay), physics, play on words, plinko, popping bubble wrap, programming, psychology, puns and sarcasm, puzzles, random conversations, raspberry lemonade, re-revising my interests list, reducing conscious suffering, refreshing my friends page, regular expressions, robin williams, rocks fall everyone dies, rufus wainwright, san francisco, self-reliance, set theory, simon and garfunkel, sleeping, slot machines, snipping mattress tags, social engineering, social justice, spongebob squarepants, stand-up comedy, stealing unlinked interests, streetart, string cheese, support, sushi, sustainability, system administration, taco bell, taking over the world, tech support, techno music, text messages, the magnetic fields, there vs. their, they might be giants, understanding paradoxes, understanding the difference, unix, vanilla-scented candles, vector spaces, vegas, walking, war on poverty, wikipedia, wine